Extens Consulting is the Customer Relationship Consulting firm of Acticall Group. Specialized in analysis, consulting and transforming customer journeys, Extens Consulting additionally provides a delegation of support and management functions. Extens Consulting assists brand corporations in the creation of value and enriches the global offers of integrated services in Customer Relationship of Acticall Group.


Forget Effort, Choose "Ease" 
Take a Bold Approach to Customer and Employee Experience



An Expert Eye

It is fundamental for each and every company facing Customer Relationship challenges to design an ambition of excellence and define the associated strategy with an expert eye.

In order to assist you in these endeavors, Extens Consulting constantly invests in developing and expanding its fields of expertise and its human capital. Our consultants contribute to define Customer Relationship excellence, as well as to offer Augmented Customer Service and enhance Collaborative Experience.

Dedicated to Your Performance

Extens Consulting transversely enriches the global Integrated Services in Customer Relationship Management offers of Acticall Group. Result oriented, our expertise is organized around three offers:

  • VALUE – Customer Relationship Management analysis and customer service promise construction
  • TOOL – Support in customer experience transformation, from consulting to implementing tools and processes
  • SKILL – Delegated management of supports and Customer Relationship Management functions

Address your Specific Requirements

  • Set an ambition in Customer Relationship Management and guide action
  • Cross-channel optimization and personalized customer relationship to enhance value, loyalty and engagement              
  • Improve your internal skills by integrating processes and/or performance oriented consultants


Our Solutions

With Extens Consulting by your side, you will have an expert view on your internal organization, your customer experience offer and your Customer Relationship Management. Based on your specific needs and your environment, the Extens Consulting consultants accompany you on three main aspects:


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