Technological Innovation at the heart of our company

Contact centers are located at the junction of telecommunications and information technology. The technologies used naturally reflect this duality.

Communication technology

Each production site of Acticall Group is equipped with one or more PABX and is connected to the Group's Data Center hosting a virtual ACD. Inter-site connections provide the equipment with shared assistance.

Other features used are interactive voice response (IVR), call distribution (ACD), computer telephony integration (CTI) and statistics.
 For these devices Acticall Group chose ALCATEL and AVAYA.

Connections to different production sites are secured by a level 1 or level 2 ISP access. The sites hosting the most sensitive missions are connected to several service providers.

On its internal network, Acticall Group chose IP Telephony, to reduce telecom costs while increasing the flexibility of call distribution across multiple sites.

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Computer Engineering

Projects entrusted by our clients most often require the development of specific applications.

Client-defined deadlines act as another development constraint.

Acticall Group mainly uses JBOSS, .NET, TOMCAT and WEBSHERE environments.

Concerning data management, Acticall Group selected the ORACLE DBMS.

The statistics team uses BUSINESS OBJECTS to produce their reports.

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Data Center

To ensure the highest quality of service and optimal responsiveness, part of the Acticall Group's telecommunications and network equipment is hosted by and outsourced to TelecityGroup, a specialized service provider. TelecityGroup is Europe's leading hosting provider (Ernst & Young, Virgin Radio... ).

The site uses two operators, Orange and SFR Business Team.
 Each of these operators ensures secure access using a local fiber optic loop, and dual feed/supply points.

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