Our vision

Human Resources are a major asset that must be built upon to guarantee Customer Relationship centers with high and long-lasting performance. The key lies in the quality of Human Resources Management.

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Acticall Groups’ Commitment to Develop Human Resources

In line with the "Label de Responsabilité Social" (Social Responsibility Label), Acticall Group considers human resources development as a major lever for growth. Acticall Group promotes remote Customer Relationship, skills development, and the corporate policy of non-discrimination.

The Group has two main objectives:

  • Fight against any form of discrimination.
  • Strengthen social integration employment and skills development of its employees

Corporate University

The Acticall Group Corporate University encompasses the full range of training skills, thus benefiting all our employees and working toward the continued improvement of their skills. Our Corporate University is a training center for sharing, learning and validating skills. It is based on digital and live active learning: mock situations, case studies, coaching, post-training follow-up...

Training is an essential part of the HR development policy and helps harmonize Quality of Service throughout the company. Employees receive initial and ongoing training provided by the teaching staff. In order to improve their business skills, they are further provided with professional training to develop their expertise and enhance their employability.

The courses are open to all, under certain conditions. Furthermore, Learning CRM also uses its expertises to create custom training modules, targeting the specific needs of each platform. Training courses cover eleven areas of expertise: Remote Customer Relationships, Management, Human Resources, Training, Quality, Business, Communication/Languages, Management/Finance/Accounting, IT, Personal Development and Professional Training courses.

Learning Tribes, training organization 

The Group relies on Leanring Tribes's expertise which offers training solutions in order to support each individual all along their skills development and each corporation through their strategic evolution.

Lead by customers business values, Learning tribes developed expertise solutions through “four tribes”:

Learning CRM : customer relationship expert

Learning Up :leadership expert

Learning by Mooc : Digital learning studio

My Mooc : the training market place

+ More on Learning Tribes

Disability Employment Policy

Employing disabled workers is a key aspect of the Acticall Group's social policy.

Several measures for inclusion and job retention have been implemented on both local and national levels.

"Mission Handicap", Acticall Group's handi-capable policy

Studies carried out by ergonomists and specialists have demonstrated, time and again, that Client Relationship jobs are suited for everyone.

Among the business specific benefits highlighted: diversity of missions (front and back office), workstation equipment and layout, equipment accommodation, flexible working hours with a rotation system and shift variations, variety of in-house training programs, work setting accessibility...


Remote Customer Relationship offer many advantages due to vast organizational and operational potential.