HR, Social and Environmental Certifications

Acticall Group is recognized as a socially responsible corporation, ackowledge for its social and ethical practices.

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United Nations Global Compact

In line with the “Label de Responsabilité Sociale” (social responsibility label), Acticall wished to complement its engagement on social, environmental and ethical issues on the international stage. Acticall Group thus became a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact in 2011.

Being a member of the United Nations Global Compact, which is a widely recognized label, enabled Acticall to assert its quality of socially responsible firm.

Acticall Group is thus committed, through the UN Global Compact, to support and implement a set of 10 principles in 4 areas:

  • Human Rights
  • Labor Rights
  • Environment
  • Fight against corruption 

Human Resources Certification (LRS)

The Acticall Group's social responsibility label was renewed on October 7, 2010, for all its sites in France and Morocco, in the "Outsourced Customer Relationship Centers " category. This certification was issued following a full audit carried out by Ernst & Young, commissioned by the ALRS.certification committee. Acticall Group was among the first 3 corporate groups to receive this label.

The Social Responsibility Certification attests Acticall Group's excellent human resources management and to its compliance with the legal framework in terms of working time, career follow-up, training policies, working conditions.

This certification was created by Customer Relationship professionals, the AFRC - French Customer Relationship Association - and SP2C - The French Outsourcers Trade Association - in coordination with trade associations and supported by the Ministry of Employment, Social Cohesion and Housing.

NF Service "Customer Relationship" Crtification

Since 2005, Acticall has been granted the NF Service “Relation Client” (Customer Relationship) certification, covering all of its production sites in France and Morocco.

This certification testifies of the quality standards of the services provided by our Customer Relationship contact centers.

It has been granted by AFNOR Certification, following an in-depth audit of human resources, equipment, at both documentary and organizational levels, which are required to provide a service in accordance with high quality standards.

Acticall implemented a policy conceived on a pragmatic, unifying, regulated and centralized quality approach by its internal Quality Service. 

Diversity Charter

Acticall Group is a signatory of the Diversity Charter which prompts firms to guarantee the promotion of, and compliance with their employees’ diversity. In this perspective, Acticall is committed to fighting any kind of discrimination and implementing a diversity-friendly approach.

 Intellectual Services Qualification 

Learning CRM, the Group’s training in Customer Relation Management subsidiary, has obtained for the first time the OPQF Certification in 2008. This certification not only demonstrates the high quality standards of Learning CRM’s trainings, but also highlights the excellence of its e-learning contents.

L’Office Professionnel de Qualification des Organismes de Formation (OPQF) is an independent non-profit organization, whose activities have been acknowledged by public authorities. This certification acknowledges service providers’ professionalism and encourages them to be ever more creative.