Customer Experience, at the core of our activities

The Acticall Group is a group of integrated services at the heart of Customer Experience, international, innovative and socially responsible. With an ecosystem structured around 5 domains of expertise, the Acticall Group covers the whole scope of Customer Relationship.

Structured around five integrated subsidiaries, the Group offers an all-encompassing view of Customer Relationship:

  • contact centers under Acticall Centres de Contacts and Sitel brands : 22 countries, 146 contact centers globally with a total of 48 languages supported, including 7 multilingual hubs for the European activities
  • Customer Experience an Relationship consulting via  Extens Consulting our consultancy firm in strategy
  • consulting and digital development via The Social Client
  • course training with Learning Tribes with its 4 leaning societies
  • Technology solutions development with ​Novagile

The Acticall Group is driven by customer engagement, but also engagement with our associates, always Take Care. Our DNA? The innovation with a “living” research and development laboratory in order to help the brands and organizations in optimizing their performances, with a common objective to deliver a Customer Experience which makes the difference.

At the core of Customer Experience and Relationship Management for more than 20 years now, the Acticall Group has a renowned cutting-edge customer interaction and recognized process management system.

In September 18, 2015, the Acticall Group which has €180 million in annual revenue acquired American Customer Relationship leader Sitel to become the Top 4 global Relationship Management provider with €1.5 billion in revenues. With the acquisition, the Acticall Group now has 75,000 associates in 146 sites and in 22 countries


Our Vision

Our objective is to provide excellence to our clients. In this perspective, we are dedicated to our clients' and employees' satisfaction. Hence our mission:

Business Expertise

Since its creation in 1994, the Group's positioning on the market is one of an integrated services group in Customer Relationship Management. The Group's innovative solutions are based on three principles, both industrial and qualitative:

  • a robust business expertise with a premium client approach
  • innov​ative technological expertise with personalized, flexible and extensive CRM solutions
  • high ethical and quality standards (certifications, social innovation)

Sustainable Development

As part of its sustainable development policy, Acticall Group has defined a charter based on both social and environmental commitments.

Socially, the charter defines the Group's commitments with respect to  the criteria defined by the "Label de Responsabilité Social" (Social Responsibility Label). It is also committed to employee's well-being, fair recruitment, training and career advancement.

Environmentally, the Group is an engaged actor in sustainable development. This includes responsible individual staff behaviour on a daily basis, as well as energy consumption management and recycling.

illustration développement durable centre de contact - relation client